Christmas Marketing Ideas for your Business

December is a special month in almost every country in the world. Especially between the 15 and 31 of December because it’s Christmas.

As an entrepreneur, you should pay attention to these days and prepare special Marketing Christmas actions.

During this month the keywords related to Christmas increase in popularity so, if you use them properly, you will get more visibility. Take advantage of it.

Here I give you some ideas that you could apply even now that we are at 14 of December.

Christmas Marketing Ideas for your Business

Social media


Design a special header and photo profile for your social media: It depends on your style but for example, you can disguise your symbol or logo in a Christmas costume. Something simple and stylish, it doesn’t have to be overloaded or tacky. Or you can take you a photo or a photo of your team with something related to Christmas, it could be a costume or in a special place with a Christmas background.

Design special graphics for social media: Especially on 24,25,31 of December and 1 of January you should post something related to these special dates. A nice Christmas graphic saying “Happy Christmas” it would be cool and it means that you care about your customers because you are wishing them Happy Christmas. You could design a classic graphic or a funny one. Even you could tell a short story to make it more interesting.

A game: You can make a special game, for example, a game of questions and answers. You make a question and your followers have to answer. Even better, you can give prizes to the winner.
Another game is the typical photo contest, encourage your followers to post a photo with your product and something related to Christmas, they should use a special hashtag so it would be easy for you to follow the campaign. This way, your product will have a lot of visibility.

Have a Pinterest Christmas: You can create Pinterest boards to make wishlists.You can make wishlists for a special age, for example, the wishlist for people between 10 and 12 years. Or for people with the same characteristics: wishlist for sports people, for entrepreneurs, for people who loves pop music…. Of for your family, for example, the wishlist for your grandma.
Besides, you can point out the milestone of your year, for example, launches of 2016 and you gather all the product that you launched this year.


Decorte your store with Christmas decorations: Again something simple and aligned with your style and target.

Give special gifts: for example if you buy on the Christmas week you could take with you a special gift.

Give a Christmas voucher: It works very well. People love to gain discounts and most of them spend more money with this kind of campaigns. It’s even good as a gift, nowadays it’s very difficult to buy a very good gift because we have everything, so a lot of people prefer to give vouchers with discounts as a gift.

Make special products for Christmas: For example, if you cook cupcakes you can cook them with a Christmas decoration on it.

Packages: You can make special packages which include 2 or 3 product together and a special prize. Very advisable on these dates when people are looking for gifts and offers.



If you sell services is more complicated because you can’t disguise your service.

Special offers: For example a discount on some services.

Offer 1 or 2 services together as a package: Very similar to the product packages.

Offer something new and additional in your services: For example, if you develop websites you could include the logo design for the same prize on these days. Or you could include the SEO strategy.


Publishing a post related to Christmas is almost a must in these dates. Like I’m doing here with tips for these holidays. But you can also publish another kind of posts.

Your goals for 2017: Here you can write your goals as a company and as a person. People would love to know some of your personal goals as well.

2016 Report: You can also publish a report about your year. In this case is most common to write only about the business but if you want you can add something personal (but very little and significant, for example, I had a baby). On Reports you should write about the sales (how many), kinds of services or product did you sell more, if you had customers on a special country or around the world, and so on. To sum up, you have to write about your year evaluation.

Email Marketing:

Happy Christmas: Sending a newsletter on the week of 25 of December or even the 24 and 31 of December wishing to your subscribers a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year is almost and obligation.

Advent Calendar: A bit late but a good idea for next year is to create an Advent Calendar, you can send a new newsletter every day with new content (offers, value content, some advice). Depending on your company and your subscribers you should choose the content more accurate to it. It could be something funny (short funny stories), something useful, your thoughts, special offers that or expires that day.

Reward your best customers: every company has a loyal customer. It’s important to take care of them and on these special dates, you can give them a special offer only available for them. They will feel valued and will remember your company even more.

Which are your marketing ideas for these days? Let me know in the comments!