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Joining the Visual Designers Group

Since I was a child I was always involved in the artistic world, I have attended to painting classes and I was always with my notebook drawing pictures. So when I grow up and I had to chose a degree I was sure that it had to be creative, that’s why I chose Graphic Design, besides it covers many fields such as Branding, Web Design and Editorial Design among others. I attended to a great art school with a beautiful sea view which lets your creativity flows, besides I was surrounded by creative people like photographers, illustrators and interior designers which was very rewarding.  I learnt different disciplines such as branding, web design, Editorial Design, Packaging and so on which was great to have a deep knowledge of the design discipline and to know which I love the most.

Since I decided to be a designer I was sure that I has to be a freelancer because I don’t like commuting, I live on the outskirts so I used to spent a lot of money and time on public transport. Moreover, I like to talk directly with the client because I want to understand his/her problem and which are his/her goals. And also, I feel more valued as a freelancer because when you finish a great project the client always has beautiful words for you and he/she feels very satisfied. However this rarely happens on a company.

Before being a freelancer I have worked on an advertising agency as an intern and I learnt to work under pressure because the deadlines were always tough, to work with people from other fields such as copywriters and to meet the client’s goals.

Since I’m a freelancer I researched a lot of marketplaces like UpWork, Freelancer and Workana and I was lucky to have some interesting and creative projects, but most of them are short-projects and aren’t paid well. So when my boyfriend told my about TopTotal I fell in love with this website because only the 3% of the designers can get in and this is very positive because the companies know for sure that they are hiring professionals, and also because there is the possibility to have long-term projects and this is far better than the easy-to-do tasks that are plentiful in other websites. Of course there are a lot of great companies in there and this is always a plus.

I have heard about the screening process in TopTotal and obviously it would be a challenge but it’s definitely worth it. I hope to be part of the visual designer group soon.

Wish me luck!

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